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    Take leisure experiences to the next level with our tailored suite of solutions.


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      Our flexible Service Agreements are designed to ensure the ongoing performance of your systems by giving you access to our expertise and critical support resources. Trust us to keep your business running smoothly.

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      Our Solutions For Spa & Leisure

      Our comprehensive guest activity platform allows you to manage every aspect of a Spa, Golf or Leisure operation.

      Spa & Wellness

      Revolutionize your spa and wellness business with optimized operations, improved guest experiences, and increased revenue growth.

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      The Spa Management solution you can relax with. Supplement your spa and wellness business with our all-in-one management solution and remove the operational stress from your facility.

      Golf Course

      Operate your golf course with a single swing. Our exclusive Golf Course Management Software allows you to oversee your entire golf course enterprise in real time. Simplify the reservation management process for your staff and guests and maximise profits with dynamic pricing.

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      Centralize your golf course operations and efficiently manage tee times, rentals, and user profiles from a single location. Take advantage of the vast customization and scalability capabilities through seamless integrations.
      Upgrade to OPERA Cloud with ease and simplicity
      Upgrade your operations effortlessly with our Migration Tool. Streamline IT, boost revenue, and enhance security. Start your migration journey now!
      Upgrade to OPERA Cloud with ease and simplicity

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      Theme Parks & Stadiums

      Cover your guests’ journey from start to finish as you manage all available leisure and ticket activities via one system. Streamline staff management and bookings with our Leisure Management System or regulate crowd capacity and maximize ticket sales with our Ticket Management System.

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      Empower your staff to control any activity in your wellness or leisure business. Automate staff management, bookings, access control, membership, and unlock additional revenue.
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      Generate revenue from venues where capacity and entry fees require an operational strategy. This powerful solution is ideal for resorts, entertainment businesses, and outlets with restricted VIP areas, tours, events, or complete parks.


      Embrace loyalty and exceed expectations from the very first interaction. Concentrate on customer lifetime value to maximize profits with lower acquisition costs.

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      Whether you run a hotel, resort, spa, or restaurant, our Loyalty Suite enhances customer relationship management and opens new business opportunities.

      About Us

      HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems Powering Success

      HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems is an international company with an unrivaled reputation for service and is a leading supplier of IT solutions for the Hotel, Restaurant, & Café (HoReCa) and Retail industries. HRS is a recognized and certified Oracle Partner. Providing coverage in 90 countries, with over 13,000 customers, HRS is acknowledged as Oracle Hospitality’s largest partner worldwide.

      HRS offers a wide range of innovative solutions to customers including, but not limited to: Property Management, POS, Spa & Guest Activities, Omnichannel commerce, Personalization, Business Analytics, Payment Gateway, Mobile Applications, Channel Manager, Online Distribution Services, Finance and HR Systems, and Passport Scanning & Recognition.

      Customers are our number one priority. We ensure that we speak their language, understand their requirements, and meet their expectations. Our goal is to make our clients stronger and more efficient while helping them build successful businesses which are both productive and profitable.

      Founded in 1990, HRS was created with the goal of providing a superior customer experience, both for service industry companies and their clients. For over 30 years, HRS has been providing innovative management solutions for: hotels, restaurants, retail chains, stadiums, spas and fitness establishments. HRS has an impressive portfolio of products and services, these include pre-project analysis, hardware and software supply, strategic IT consulting, solutions implementation and integration, staff training and consulting, 24/7 technical support, plus a wide range of professional customer services. We are proud to have established ourselves not only as an IT solution provider but also as a proactive contributor to the industry.

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      Benefit from our tailored global expertise, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Our dedicated team supports you from system analysis to solution implementation. Explore our service agreements for 24/7 support. Enjoy the convenience of our Support Hub, Oracle support, monthly reviews, and certified experts.

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      Benefit from our tailored global expertise, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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