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      We have multiple methods for you to get in touch. Choose from our Service Desk, contact form, or support app, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also find answers to common questions in our FAQ section.

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      General Solutions

      Are other systems or the internet not working either?

      If yes, you have a network problem, contact your internet provider.

      Is only one PC/Workstation not functioning or not connecting?

      If yes, check the network/power cable.

      Is the issue related to interfaces not working?

      If yes, try restarting the system. If that does not resolve the issue, report it to the other vendor and the HRS help desk.

      Is your property either Oracle Cloud or hosted by Oracle, and it is down?

      If yes, check your email for any maintenance or system redundancy notifications.

      Your colleague can make changes, but you can’t?

      You may not have the same permissions. Check your system for permission settings.

      About OPERA Cloud

      OPERA Cloud is loading in one browser, but not another?

      Follow instructions to clear history, cookies, and cache from your browser.

      Is a reservation, profile, or folio, locked by another user?

      Ensure that the other user is not changing the record you wish to modify. Check other devices or workstations for open instances of OPERA. If none exist, you can click to unlock the record.

      OPERA Cloud isn't showing any availability, and you can't see any guest profiles or blocks?

      Ensure you are signed into the correct property by verifying the name in the upper right corner of OPERA. Then, select “Settings” from the OPERA Cloud menu, followed by “Clear Cache”.

      About Simphony POS

      Having CAPS and check sharing issues?

      If yes, check that your workstation is online and connected to both CAS and Database by looking at PMC. 

      If you find that your Database is down, that is an indication of an internet issue or that the Cloud Environment could be down. Check your internet connection and Oracle Maintenance. 

      If your Caps is offline, check that the Windows Firewalls are all off and that the workstation IP address matches what it is programmed to.

      Are you having Simphony printer issues and need to troubleshoot them?

      Follow these steps when your kitchen or receipt printers are not receiving tickets/receipts/chits:


      1. Restart the print controller device.

      -In Enterprise Management Console (EMC) select the location.

      -Under the “Setup” tab, select “Printers” under “Hardware/Interfaces”

      -Select your required printer.

      -Identify the device under “Workstation”

      -Reboot that workstation.


      2. IP Printer: ping it.

      -In Enterprise Management Console (EMC), select the location.

      -Under the “Setup” tab, select “Printers” under “Hardware/Interfaces”.

      -Select the printer and identify the IP Address.

      -In the Command Prompt (cmd.exe), enter the following and press enter: ping <IP Address>. If there is a response, the printer is on the network. If the request times out, the printer is offline.


      3. IDN Printer

      -Turn printer off.

      -Turn on dipswitch 7.

      -Turn printer back on.

      -A chit showing the printer and IDN card configuration should print.

      -Turn printer off.

      -Turn off dipswitch 7.

      -Turn printer back on.

      My password is not working for EMC.

      Follow these steps to reset your EMC password.

      1. Open EMC and log in with a user that has sufficient administrative privileges.
      2. In the locations tree, select the enterprise level.
      3. Go to the Configurations tab and select “Employee Maintenance” under “Personnel”.
      4. Enter and search the employee’s name in the search criteria field.
      5. Double click the box to the left of the employee’s # to open the employee detail page.
      6. On this page, click on the password button.
      7. Enter a new temporary password for the user in the “Change the Password” window.
      8. The next time this user logs into EMC, they will be prompted to create a permanent password immediately before being able to proceed with the login.