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              Hospitality Guest communication: effective techniques for success

              1 Minute Read

              Customer loyalty is rapidly shifting towards digital experiences, with most guest interactions occurring through computers, smartphones, or even smart speakers. Prioritizing effective guest communication involves activating your staff and ensuring engagement across various channels like mobile apps, newsletters, websites, social media platforms, and more.

              Ensuring guest satisfaction is key.

              Effective communication allows you to understand guest needs better, providing them with relevant information and additional services that ultimately boost revenue. When addressing guest concerns, prompt communication enables you to gather feedback before checkout, mitigate negative experiences, and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring a positive overall impression.

              Integration with WhatsApp and Telegram

              Automating communications empowers hotels to deliver essential information directly to guests' messenger apps. We've introduced a new module called WhatsPMS, designed specifically for Suite8. With a simple click on the booking screen, you can instantly connect with guests via chat.

              This module seamlessly integrates with popular messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram, enabling you to send confirmation emails before check-in and after check-out. Additionally, it facilitates receiving guest contacts directly from profiles and sending daily notifications in case of a negative balance, ensuring timely communication.

              Furthermore, messenger integration streamlines various tasks such as sending invoice letters, payment links via PMS Suite8 functionality, and automatic emails during reservation creation. Hotels can also personalize communications by sending welcome letters, birthday greetings, and any other messages tailored to guest preferences.

              Integration with a smart speaker

              In today's hospitality industry, 'smart' speakers are increasingly becoming a familiar presence, welcoming hotel guests and offering a range of convenient services. These speakers serve as virtual concierges, acquainting guests with hotel amenities, facilitating room service orders, restaurant bookings, and even providing tour recommendations.

              By integrating with PMS Suite8 and OPERA, you can activate the smart speaker upon guest check-in. Once activated, guests can access services through their account, including by phone number. Importantly, all settings are automatically reset after guest checkout, ensuring the privacy of each occupant.

              While new technologies continue to transform the hotel industry, it's important to remember that guests remain the ultimate beneficiaries, appreciating how automation enhances communication.



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