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              How Mobile Check-in meets your guest's expectations

              2 Minute Read

              Digitizing all hotel processes is vital if you want to reduce hotel management costs. When all hotel processes are automated and managed through digital systems, staff can focus on providing a better service to their guests. This can include resolving problems quickly and efficiently, providing personalized services, and creating a comfortable environment for hotel clients.

              Digital systems also reduce human error and manual labor costs, helping to optimize resources such as electricity and water.


              Tradition vs. innovation

              Traditional check-in requires reception staff to wait for guests who might arrive late or sometimes not at all. With mobile check-in, the hotel staff's job becomes easier: they can get a more accurate view of the real-time guest count and respond accordingly, focusing on more critical tasks, such as ensuring guest comfort and improving service quality.

              Mobile check-in also allows guests to check in and access their rooms using mobile devices. It is convenient, fast, does not require a visit to reception, and enables guests to start their holiday immediately. In addition, using mobile check-in devices can reduce waiting time at the reception desk and your staff's workload.


              How it works

              A few days before the scheduled check-in, an automatic invitation is sent to the guest asking if they would like to proceed with mobile check-in. The guest sends all required documents to the hotel and fills out the necessary forms for checking in. The hotel can request the missing information in cases of incorrect or lost documents. Once the hotel has received all the documents, they will send the guest a registration confirmation letter. At check-in, the guest has only to confirm their identity and obtain a key (if the hotel has no mobile critical production facility).

              The guest can also download the hotel app on his mobile device and register by entering his details and preferences. He then receives an electronic key to check into his room.



              Meeting guests´ expectations


              We have already assisted many hotels in setting up a separate express check-in desk where pre-registered guests can get their keys without waiting in line. Seeing someone else using the express check-in inspires other guests to ask about the method and how they can use it next time.


              Whether your hotel is big or small, this check-in process has many advantages. Your guests will appreciate a quicker and simpler check-in procedure. You will also notice a noticeable improvement in the quality of service and an increase in positive reviews from guests who have saved time on check-in.


              Most guests appreciate the ability to interact with a hotel before they arrive. It allows them to take control of their overall guest experience and lays the groundwork for a great relationship with a property.



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