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              Improving Hotel and Restaurant Operations with Bank Interfaces

              2 Minute Read

              The era where cash reigned is swiftly becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, the majority of hotel and restaurant guests opt for non-cash payment methods, which prove convenient for both customers and establishments alike.

              Swift Technological Advancements

              In technology, merely having an interface between the hotel management system and the bank that provided acquiring services used to suffice, serving as a mediator for transactions.

              However, in today's landscape, establishments benefit from direct interfaces with banks, eliminating the need for intermediaries and the associated commission fees. Simultaneously, new convenient payment methods has emerged, including payment links, QR code payments, SBP (Quick Payment Systems), and the active development and implementation of biometric data-based payments.

              Expanded Payment Options

              Restaurants and hotels prioritize delivering fast and efficient service. Embracing innovative cashless payment technologies allows us to offer customers a diverse range of payment methods, empowering them to select the option that best suits their preferences.

              While some guests may opt for traditional card payments, others may prefer the convenience of mobile applications. Offering multiple payment is key, including those involving cashback programs, ultimately leaving a positive impression on clientele.

              A matter of technology

              Our company believes in the importance of developing integrations between banking systems and our PMS and POS systems. Upon receiving technical documentation from banks, typically outlining API protocols, our specialists conduct assessments.

              We've observed a growing trend towards implementing SBP (Seamless Bank Payment), facilitating lightning-fast transactions without additional fees. With SBP, funds are swiftly deposited into the hotel or restaurant's account, accompanied by minimal transaction charges.

              For guests, SBP offers unparalleled convenience as it eliminates the need for physical cards; just a smartphone is needed. It's no surprise that SBP has become the go-to payment method in today's digital world.

              Payment Link Features

              One interesting trend shaping the hotel industry is the payment link. Guests now have the option to receive a link via letter or SMS to settle their hotel accommodation payment before check-in. Upon clicking the link, guests are directed to the hotel's secure bank page, where they can conveniently prepay or pay the total stay amount, in accordance with hotel policies. This streamlined process enables the hotel to instantly confirm the reservation, eliminating the need for payment upon check-in.

              Intermediary Integrations

              The rise of intermediary services, often referred to as payment agents, marks another significant development in hospitality. Acting as facilitators between hotels and banks, these payment agents serve as a bridge connecting the hotel management system with various booking channels. This proves beneficial in scenarios where direct integration between the hotel's system and the bank is not feasible. In such cases, the payment agent assumes the role of the acquirer, ensuring smooth transaction processing between the hotel and the bank, albeit for a commission fee.

              This arrangement offers convenience for hotels, especially when many banks lack direct integration capabilities with the hotel's systems. Furthermore, certain payment agents extend their services to include acceptance of foreign bank cards that may not be supported by standard bank processing.

              Moreover, the evolving demands of the industry prompt specific requests from banks for integrations with niche payment systems like Chinese AliPay or WeChat, which not all banks accommodate. Considering these opportunities enables hotels and restaurants to cater to the needs of Chinese tourists and foster a more inclusive guest experience.



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