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              Industry Insights Hospitality OPERA Property Management System

              Integrating OPERA with Ukrainian Service Diia

              2 Minute Read

              We has recently launched an innovative integration of OPERA Property Management System (PMS) with the Ukrainian service Diia. This integration introduces an interface between the Property management system and the Diia mobile app, which securely contains all guest's data and documents.  This new service is set to optimize the way hotels manage guest information and streamline the check-in process.

              Diia, launched in 2020, allows Ukrainian citizens to use digital documents on their smartphones instead of physical ones for identification and sharing purposes. The Diia portal provides access to over 130 government services, with plans for all state-person interactions to eventually be available through Diia. This app has quickly become a central tool for digital interaction in Ukraine.

              Documents uploaded to the Diia app are considered equivalent to physical documents. Guests can share their information conveniently via a QR code or barcode, allowing seamless integration with hotel management systems. A guest simply needs to show the hotel employee the code for the required document or respond to a request for that document. Upon scanning the code, the smartphone prompts the guest to confirm the sharing of their personal information. Once confirmed, the HRS Diia Service receives a copy of the document, which is automatically entered into the OPERA PMS database.

              Enhanced Efficiency and Security

              This integration significantly enhances the efficiency and security of the check-in process. By digitizing document verification, hotels can reduce the time spent on manual data entry, minimize errors, and ensure that all guest information is accurately captured. This not only speeds up the check-in process but also reduces the workload for hotel staff, allowing them to focus more on providing excellent customer service.

              Improved Guest Experience

              For guests, the HRS Diia Service offers a seamless and hassle-free check-in experience. They no longer need to carry physical documents or worry about losing important papers. With all necessary documents stored securely on their smartphones, guests can check in with just a few taps. This level of convenience is particularly appealing to tech-savvy travelers and those who prioritize efficiency.

              Future Potential and Expansion

              The successful integration of OPERA with Diia in Ukraine sets a precedent for future expansions. HRS is exploring similar integrations with other national digital ID services and platforms worldwide. This move aligns with the growing trend of digital transformation in the hospitality industry, where convenience, security, and efficiency are paramount.


              The HRS Diia Service integration with OPERA PMS marks a significant step forward in the digitization of hotel management processes. By leveraging modern technology, we are enhancing the guest experience, improving operational efficiency, and setting new standards for the industry. This innovative approach is poised to become a model for hotel management systems globally, paving the way for a more connected and streamlined future.



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