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              Level up your hospitality business: The power of gamification

              2 Minute Read

              Gamification can significantly enhance the guest experience at your hotel and boost customer loyalty by offering an engaging and interactive stay. Incorporating game elements and principles, such as rewards, challenges, competition, and achievements, can drive desired behaviors and create memorable experiences for guests.

              Virtual Challenges

              Hotels can create virtual challenges where guests complete specific tasks or missions. For example, guests might be encouraged to visit particular hotel facilities, try different amenities, or explore nearby attractions. Completing these challenges can earn them points or prizes.

              Last Halloween, a popular Spanish hotel chain launched an addictive Halloween-themed memory game. Using a familiar card game format, guests were encouraged to match all relevant pairs within a limited time. Those who succeeded received a substantial discount for future stays at any hotel in the chain. The fastest participant earned a gift card for a free stay at any of the chain's properties.

              Interactive Technologies

              Some hotels use interactive technologies, such as mobile apps or in-room tablets, to offer gamified experiences. These platforms provide information about hotel services and amenities, allow guests to customize their stay, and even offer virtual games or quizzes.

              One Wyndham hotel chain introduced "Play & Stay," a highly engaging game where users could win collectibles or brand points with a digital slot machine and wheel of fortune. Players needed tokens to access the games, which recharged over time or could be found through the Wheel of Fortune game. This strategy tapped into the concept of "scarcity leads to desire."

              Loyalty Programs

              Hotels often use gamification in their loyalty programs to incentivize frequent stays and reward guests. Members earn points, badges, or levels based on their stays, unlocking exclusive benefits or upgrades.

              Accor Hotels effectively utilized gamification in its Accor Live Limitless (ALL) program, which features a simple points system. The program has five levels, from classic to diamond, each with various incentives. Guests earn reward points every time they book or stay at participating hotels, and they can earn additional points for every ten Euros spent.

              Social Contests

              Hotels sometimes run social media contests where guests share their hotel experiences, photos, or videos using specific hashtags. These contests foster a sense of competition and offer rewards, such as free stays or dining vouchers, to the winners.

              Many gamification strategies include a social component, allowing guests to compete, share experiences, or earn recognition. This social integration helps guests connect with fellow travelers, share tips, and build a community within the hotel.

              Mystery or Escape Rooms

              Hotels can create unique experiences by incorporating mystery or escape room games. Guests work together to solve puzzles, riddles, and challenges, earning rewards or unlocking access to hidden areas. This creates a more dynamic and engaging atmosphere beyond traditional hotel offerings.

              Staff Recognition

              Hotels can also introduce gamified systems to recognize and reward staff members for exceptional service. Employees can earn points or badges for positive feedback or achieving customer satisfaction goals.

              Gamification in hotels can make stays more engaging and enjoyable for guests, adding excitement and competition to their experience. This makes their stay memorable and immersive, ultimately enhancing customer loyalty.




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