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              Hospitality Tech Restaurant POS

              Maximum efficiency in your restaurant with a POS system

              1 Minute Read

              When a restaurant implements a table reservation system—a feature integral to every high-quality POS—if all tables are occupied, it enables more efficient customer service and maximizes profits.

              Table Reservation Management

              Achieving full occupancy of tables and space is the goal for any restaurant, a feat made possible through technology like the Table Management feature of Simphony. Trained restaurant staff utilize the system to set table reservations. We customize the workplace to allow the host/hostess to manage table status: whether they're ready for seating, being cleaned, or reserved for a specific time as per guest preferences.

              The system allows for efficient waiter assignment, with tables strategically distributed into sections and configured to align with guest preferences, such as seating by the window. Initially, reservations are marked as unconfirmed, a feature for accommodating late arrivals. At a designated time, the system prompts staff to confirm reservations, enabling proactive communication with guests to ensure their visit proceeds smoothly. Once confirmed, reservations are updated in the system and displayed on the list for seamless management.

              Waiting List Management

              Efficiently managing waiting guests is crucial. Our Table Management system handles both online reservations and incoming calls, ensuring that guests waiting for a table are kept informed and engaged.

              Guests waiting for a table are added to a dynamic "live" queue, where they can easily join the waiting list and be promptly notified when a table becomes available. This process eliminates the need for hosts or hostesses to juggle multiple lists separately.

              With our integrated system, reservations and waiting lists are synchronized. As the designated reservation time approaches, guests are automatically transitioned from the reservation list to the waiting list, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of guests into the restaurant.

              Cancelling reservations

              In Simphony, optimizing table turnover is made simple. By setting an estimated guest duration, the system intelligently prevents seating new guests until the allocated time has elapsed. For instance, with 30 minutes remaining before a scheduled guest's arrival, an opportunity arises for a spontaneous diner to occupy the table. In such cases, an authorized employee can swiftly create a new reservation in the system.

              Similarly, if a reserved guest fails to arrive, the system enables authorized personnel to cancel the reservation, promptly reallocating the table to a guest on the waiting list. This dynamic reservation management not only ensures full occupancy but also enhances resource utilization, ultimately maximizing profits and elevating the overall dining experience for guests.



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