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              OPERA Cloud Property Management System

              Discover the future of hotel management with OPERA Cloud. Minimize your need for upfront hardware investments and reduce the ongoing costs of maintenance while simultaneously maximizing performance and scalability. From seamless reservations to the highest level of security, you can trust OPERA Cloud to help you deliver exceptional guest satisfaction.

              Highlighted Benefits

              Extraordinary Guest Experience
              Get to know your guests and deliver exceptional service to them. Using OPERA Cloud’s robust guest profiles, staff members can view guest preferences, add notes, update details, and provide them with a truly personalized experience.
              Suitable for Any Hotel Size
              Whether you run a small limited-service property or a large luxury resort, OPERA Cloud can be tailored to fit your business needs, and you only pay for the functions you use.

              Near Zero Downtime
              Manual upgrades that interfere with your ability to operate are now a thing of the past. Spend more time with guests as your updates take place seamlessly and continuously to keep your system on the latest version with near-zero downtime.
              Seamless Integrations
              Create your ideal technology stack through Oracle-to-Oracle integrations, including MICROS Simphony POS, and leverage the power of the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) with countless partner applications.
              Upgrade to OPERA Cloud with ease and simplicity
              Upgrade your operations effortlessly with our Migration Tool. Streamline IT, boost revenue, and enhance security. Start your migration journey now!
              Upgrade to OPERA Cloud with ease and simplicity
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              Highlighted Features

              Increase Revenue and Occupancy
              Create and manage all reservation types across locations and properties using OPERA Cloud’s Sales view. Equip your revenue management and sales teams with the ability to control rates, inventory, and advanced reservations.
              Rest easy knowing that your data, transactions, applications, and infrastructure are always protected by multilayered security and compliant with payment and data privacy standards. OCI compliance on all levels: Global, Government, Industry Specific, and Regional.
              Built for Your Property
              Besides a seamless integration with Oracle MICROS Simphony POS, OPERA Cloud gives you access to countless interface partner applications through the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP). Create an ecosystem that is unique to your property.
              Flexible Mobile Application
              Extend essential system functions to any smartphone device, which is especially beneficial for housekeeping departments. From here, you can manage task sheets, room status, queued rooms, maintenance requests, post minibar charges to a guest folio, and view property activities and reservation information.
              Intuitive User Interface
              Improve operational efficiency with user-personalised dashboards, reports, and visuals. Users can select from over 30 preconfigured tiles focusing on the front desk, revenue, inventory, and housekeeping. Tiles can be standardized at the chain or property level or personalized at the user level.
              Lower Investment & Simplified IT
              Decrease your initial PMS investment without needing physical servers, licensing fees, or dedicated IT staff to manage updates, patching, and security. Just pay for the functions required.

              Maximize Your Business Potential with Value-Added Support Services

              Benefit from our tailored global expertise, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Our dedicated team supports you from system analysis to solution implementation. Explore our service agreements for 24/7 support. Enjoy the convenience of our Support Hub, Oracle support, monthly reviews, and certified experts.

              Maximize Your Business Potential with Value-Added Support Services

              Benefit from our tailored global expertise, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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