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              Oracle Retail Xstore POS

              Customer Centric Point-of-Service Solution natively integrated with a suite of omnichannel applications.

              Oracle Retail Xstore POS is a powerful tool for store associates integrating front-end and back-office functionality to provide a unified data source, mobility, multi-country capabilities, and seamless integrations, resulting in sophisticated omnichannel customer journeys and customer-centric in-store experiences.

              Highlighted Benefits

              Comprehensive Store Management
              Oracle Retail Xstore POS offers various functionalities, from sale transactions to inventory management, centralized application tools, and more.
              Unified Point-of-Service
              Beyond a POS, Oracle Retail Xstore offers complete "Point-of-Service" capabilities, enabling access to customer data, loyalty programs, and full visibility across the enterprise.
              Enhanced Mobility
              Store associates can perform various operations using standard mobile devices, improving customer service and operational efficiency.

              Efficient Multi-Country Operations
              Seamlessly manage retail operations across countries with diverse currencies, tax rates, and languages to ensure a consistent brand experience and consolidated management view.
              Upgrade to OPERA Cloud with ease and simplicity
              Upgrade your operations effortlessly with our Migration Tool. Streamline IT, boost revenue, and enhance security. Start your migration journey now!
              Upgrade to OPERA Cloud with ease and simplicity
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              Highlighted Features

              Robust Functionality
              Combine front and back-end management. Manage transactions, tenders, inventory, etc. Gain enterprise-wide visibility through robust features and functionalities.
              More Than Your Average Point-of-Sale
              With its “Point-of-Service” capabilities, you can access customer data and history, support orders, up-sell across channels, and manage order fulfillment, e-commerce platforms, and loyalty programs.
              On The Go Operations
              Available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, your associates can take operations on the go and provide improved service and efficiency through mobile convenience.
              Available Around The World
              Deliver consistent brand experiences, consolidate operations view, and easily manage cross-country parameters from anywhere globally.
              Trusted Integrations
              Integrate with Oracle Retail Customer Engagement, Oracle Retail Order Management Suite, and Commerce Cloud. Reduce your implementation time and costs and guarantee a seamless omnichannel experience.
              Real-Time Data and Insights
              Access real-time data. Analyse trends, behavior, and metrics. Drive informed business strategies, enhancing decision-making and continuous improvement across operations.

              Maximize Your Business Potential with Value-Added Support Services

              Benefit from our tailored global expertise, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Our dedicated team supports you from system analysis to solution implementation. Explore our service agreements for 24/7 support. Enjoy the convenience of our Support Hub, Oracle support, monthly reviews, and certified experts.

              Maximize Your Business Potential with Value-Added Support Services

              Benefit from our tailored global expertise, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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