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      TYNGO Golf Course Management Software

      Operate Your Golf Course with a Single Swing.

      Centralize your golf operations with TYNGO Golf. Easily manage tee times, rentals, and user profiles in a single location. Enhance customization and scalability capabilities through seamless integrations.

      Highlighted Benefits

      Streamline and Automate Your Golf Course
      Effortlessly oversee your golf course in real-time through the cloud. Streamline operations to enhance your level of control and boost overall efficiency.
      Maximize Profits
      The online booking engine includes rentals and coaching reservations and optimizes occupancy while increasing your revenue with dynamic pricing.
      Simplified Reservation Management
      Simplify coordination as TYNGO Golf handles reservations directly from your guests and business partners (B2B).
      User Friendly
      Thanks to the intuitive UI, managing rentals, inventory, and tee times has never been easier.
      Upgrade to OPERA Cloud with ease and simplicity
      Upgrade your operations effortlessly with our Migration Tool. Streamline IT, boost revenue, and enhance security. Start your migration journey now!
      Upgrade to OPERA Cloud with ease and simplicity

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      Highlighted Features

      Deep Hotel & Restaurant Management Systems Integrations
      Integrate with your preferred PMS or POS and minimize manual accounting inputs with centric user profiles.
      Multiple Tee Sheet Views
      Fast management of ongoing reservations and real-time inventory availability with an easy-to-use UI.

      Rentals Management
      Automate your rentals and only see what items, including shuttles, are available, resulting in higher accuracy and reduced complaints.
      Internet Booking Engine (IBE)
      Regardless of the day or time, guests and partners can schedule tee times and training classes through the booking engine on your website.
      Analytics & Reporting
      Collect and analyze data through an unlimited number of focused reports.

      All Activities in One Place
      Designed as an add-on for TYNGO Leisure, our Golf Management Software can manage many other guest activities.

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      Drive Success with our 24/7 Premium Support 

      Benefit from our tailored global expertise, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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