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              Oracle MICROS Terminal Stations

              Flexible Hardware Designed for Hospitality

              Discover our selection of advanced workstations, crafted to improve hospitality efficiency with strong durability and fast service. From compact and portable units to versatile models, each workstation provides real-time analytics for informed decisions. Explore effortless kitchen communication solutions and unmatched mobility for enhanced guest experiences.


              Workstations and Hardware


              Oracle MICROS Workstation 820

              The Oracle MICROS Workstation 820 is the latest and greatest in POS hardware. It boasts a sleek and durable design with a vibrant touchscreen display, offers efficient order processing, and exceptional customer service. With its robust features and reliability, it greatly improves user experience and allows for successful operations.

              • Built on the Intel Celeron Quad-Core processor for high reliability and long-life use.
              • Designed to withstand high heat (0℃ - 50℃), thus reducing the risk of the workstation overheating.
              • Large storage options: 128GB SSD (if operating on Oracle Linux for MICROS) or 256GB SSD (if operating on Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC)
              • Anti-glare display reduces the stress on the user’s eyes, allows for longer use, and helps minimize the appearance of fingerprints on the display.

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              MICROS_310_Workstation - less zoom - 868x828px

              Oracle MICROS Compact Workstations 310 and 310R

              The Oracle MICROS Compact Workstations 310 and 310R are rugged, portable, Point-of-Sale (POS) devices specifically designed and built for the hospitality market. These workstations are the perfect choice for limited menu efficiency as these all-in-one units are portable, occupy a small footprint, and exemplify durability by being able to withstand the harshest operating environments.
              • Faster service delivery.
              • Reduced queues and waiting times.
              • All-in-one portability and wireless transactions from anywhere.
              • Easy setup and quick configurations.
              • Built for Oracle Point-of-Sale applications.
              • Optional features available for use in extreme temperatures.
              • Outstanding dependability, durability, and flexibility.
              • Real-time analytics for immediate business decisions.

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              MICROS_625_Workstation - 868x828 px

              Workstation 6 Family - 625X and 655X - The Next Generation Workstations

              The Oracle MICROS Workstations 625X and 655X offer hospitality operators versatile terminals that can deliver an enhanced guest experience every time. Designed to withstand the most demanding of environments, they are offered in multiple models with a range of processing power and memory.
              • Improve experiences by delivering outstanding digital content to both staff and guests.
              • Spill-resistant and able to operate across a wide range of temperatures.
              • No moving parts enhance durability.
              • Integrated design ensures consistent content delivery across all display types.
              • Attach to the adjustable stand or mount on a wall for maximum flexibility.
              • The sleek styling, low profile, and small footprint will complement all decors.

              Download Datasheet

              Oracle MICROS Tablet 721 500x500 (1)

              Oracle MICROS 721P Tablet - Mobility Designed for Hospitality

              The Oracle MICROS 721P Tablet is a mobile POS solution that was built to improve your business’s efficiency and allow staff to spend more time with guests instead of in front of a workstation. The lightweight design, extended battery life, and durability make this tablet the ideal choice for demanding hospitality environments.
              • Accelerate speed of service and table turnover times.
              • 8-hour hot-swappable battery.
              • Rugged and durable.
              • Improved touch and viewing experiences.
              • Increased staff efficiency.
              • Compatible with multiple payment devices.
              • Access to reporting, data, and real-time analytics enables quicker and more confident business decisions.

              Download Datasheet


              Oracle Hospitality Kitchen Display System (KDS) - Seamless Kitchen Communication

              Oracle Hospitality Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) simplify kitchen communication and processes, increase kitchen efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance food quality and speed of service.
              • Displays orders for preparation and monitors the timing of meal deliveries.
              • Increases restaurant efficiency and enhances kitchen communication.
              • Measures the complete guest experience.
              • Real-time kitchen performance reporting.
              • Increases speed of service for superior guest experience and enhanced meal quality.

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              HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems is an international company with an unrivaled reputation for service and is a leading supplier of IT solutions for the Hotel, Restaurant, & Café (HoReCa) and Retail industries. HRS is a recognized and certified Oracle Partner. Providing coverage in 90 countries, with over 13,000 customers, HRS is acknowledged as Oracle Hospitality’s largest partner worldwide.

              HRS offers a wide range of innovative solutions to customers including, but not limited to: Property Management, POS, Spa & Guest Activities, Omnichannel commerce, Personalization, Business Analytics, Payment Gateway, Mobile Applications, Channel Manager, Online Distribution Services, Finance and HR Systems, and Passport Scanning & Recognition.

              Customers are our number one priority. We ensure that we speak their language, understand their requirements, and meet their expectations. Our goal is to make our clients stronger and more efficient while helping them build successful businesses which are both productive and profitable.

              Founded in 1990, HRS was created with the goal of providing a superior customer experience, both for service industry companies and their clients. For over 30 years, HRS has been providing innovative management solutions for: hotels, restaurants, retail chains, stadiums, spas and fitness establishments. HRS has an impressive portfolio of products and services, these include pre-project analysis, hardware and software supply, strategic IT consulting, solutions implementation and integration, staff training and consulting, 24/7 technical support, plus a wide range of professional customer services. We are proud to have established ourselves not only as an IT solution provider but also as a proactive contributor to the industry.

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